Mosaic 22844 Multi Rug


Punches of colors keep a room feeling youthful and engaging. And that’s exactly provided by our Mosaic 22844 Multi Floral Rug. It features a stunning floral pattern in multiple tones which is sure to bestow your home with elegance and grace. Place it in your living room or by your bedside, it is sure to accentuate your interior décor, making it a must have. It is highly durable, comfortable, resilient and easy to clean.

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Mosaic Rug Collection by Think Rugs. Style your space from the ground up. Whether you want to add warmth to a room or highlight a unique décor item, an elegant, well-chosen Mosaic Rug Collection is just what you need. It offers a playfully vibrant selection of some modern styled floral rugs which are sure to bestow your home with vibrancy and positive-ness.


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Weight12 kg
Dimensions220 × 160 × 1 cm



Bedroom, Dining room, Living room