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Given the right lighting – every room can shine!


Given the right lighting – every room can shine!

Here are a few tips to improve the lighting in your living room.

We all know that flicking a switch turns on the light, but have you thought of the mood you wish to relax in?  The way your living room is lit should never be taken for granted.  With a little extra thought given to your lighting, your living room can become whatever you want it to.

What is your starting level of lighting?

The principal light in your living room can be provided using a pendant, chandelier, or spotlights.  This ensures good distribution of light together with any natural light you may have from windows, doors, or skylights.  This provides your living room with the practical lighting you require although principal lights can be just as pretty as softer light fittings.

The RV Astley Auxerre Pendant Lamp is splendid in its beauty

RV Astley Auxerre Pendant Lamp

or maybe your taste calls for the Industrial Mesh Cage Black Ceiling Pendant

Black Ceiling Pendant

Adding Atmosphere!

Take into consideration what you use your living room for.  Do you want to sit and read a good book?  Adjustable desk lamps and table lamps are wonderfully versatile and can be easily moved to the area you wish to relax in.

Depending on your colour scheme there are countless colours and designs of lamps available.

A combination of bold and elegant, the Mayfair Rose Gold Table Lamp features elegant metallics to lighten and energise quieter areas of your home.

rose gold table lamp

Whereas the Gable Table Lamp sophistication in a contemporary manner.

Gable Table Lamp

Along with the style and colour of your lighting, you may also want to think of the way different bulbs impact on your living room.  Soft or warm white bulbs have a traditional and cosy feel which can also give the impression of creating a larger room whilst being relaxed and welcoming.  At the other end of the scale, cool white light is more energising and ideal if you have an open plan area incorporating possibly a dining room and or kitchen.

The average modern living room has at least two different kinds of lighting.  The principal light referred to above, accompanied by either table lamps or possibly floor standing lamps.

The Byton nickel floor lamp finished in shiny nickel

together with Byton tall nickel table lamp adds a little sophistication and elegance to any interior surrounding.

Byton Tall Nickel Table Lamp

Using floor and table lamps provides your living room with a softer style of lighting rather than that of using the principal lights.

The Wow Factor

The use of contemporary lighting to create a striking focal point in your living room can transform a ceiling light into a piece of modern art.

The White and Gold Over-Table Pendant, for example, brings an understated yet stylishness feature to the dining area of any living room.

Pendant Lighting

Don’t forget the Walls!

Wall lighting is so versatile.  Directing a wall light to your favourite painting can bring your painting and your living room to life.  Additionally, wall lighting can brighten a darker area within your living room; you could possibly install wall lighting above your favourite reading chair and lose yourself in your book of choice with the ambience surrounding you.

Who could resist sitting under a Mayfair Rose Gold Wall Lamp? Rose Gold Wall Lamp

So, as you have read, given the right lightingevery room can shine!

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